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Onsite staff

Onsite staff

Some questions to ask yourself when looking for a new business telephone system for staff based on-premise?

  • Do you need to integrate multi-line calls and voice mail?
    • For instance, no call is lost so if a staff member is on a call or a conference call for long durations, all calls to their number can be automatically queued to the operator or redirected to voicemail.
  • Does your staff need to control telephone calls and voice mail directly from their desktop PCs?
    • For instance, staff often multitask answering phone calls and enquiries while accessing files on their PC during the call. If they
      had access to client and staff directory from Avaya One-X Portal then enhanced call handling could be achieved.
  • Would your on-site staff prefer an easy to use graphical user interface or do they want to follow automated prompts?
    • Visual Voice prompts on their telephone screen are now enabling customers to quickly retrieve their voice messages or "point and click" at the GUI on their PC Screen!
  • Have you considered one number portability?
    • For instance, customers can use one number to reach your staff wherever they happen to be within your office, administration, warehouse or front reception.

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