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Hosted or On-Premise


The benefits of an On-Premise communications solution:

The customer has access and control over their equipment

The customer can choose their own provider (eg: Telstra)

The flexibility to provide different terminals for various applications

Not always reliant on the computer network for operation

Can use digital and analogue phones without expensive adaptors

The customer is in control of all facets of their pabx or Key Telephone System

The ability to make an informed decision about technology requirements that you need rather than them being forced upon you by the provider.


The benefits of a Hosted Communications solution:

Another organisation is responsible for the provisioning and maintenance of equipment

A set monthly fee for services and equipment that is off balance sheet

Suited for businesses that require increased flexibility to expand and contract their resources and may relocate to service their clientele.

Suited for customers that have access to corporate grade data networks, remote workers and multiple offices.

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