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Office + Mobility

The office and mobility package is a mid-level package that is designed to meet the needs of businesses with remote and or on the road workers.

The office + mobility package can equip your business with the following capability:

  • Auto Attendant: a virtual receptionist of menu driven prompts to enable callers to arrive at their destination of choice without having to speak to a person.
  • Call Hold: place the caller on hold with the ability to play customised messages, silence, radio or chimes.
  • Call Transfer: the ability to transfer calls within an organisations internal phone system
  • Voice Messaging:
    • Day Greeting
    • Night Greeting
    • Overflow message
    • Extension user mailbox
  • Ad on Hold: the ability to playback a message to the caller about your business and infuse some calming music whilst locating the person that the caller would like to speak to

Select from the following telephone systems:

Panasonic KX-NS700 IP System

  • Suitable for small to medium business
  • Various features enhance business productivity
  • Affordable price

Avaya IP Office 500 Preferred

  • Contains all Essential edition features
  • Delivers intelligent communications capabilities
  • Unbeatable price

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